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Spell It Out! is a puzzle game for two, where dynamic communication is key to solving puzzles and defeating enemies.

With Spell It Out!, we target friends who want to have lighthearted fun while they solve puzzles as a team of two. Spell It Out! aims to be very flexible, so you need only one verbal communication channel and one PC per player, not even an internet connection, to play the game

Spell It Out! actually consists of two games - each representing a parallel universe - that are played simultaneously: the Hero game for the more action-oriented player and the Mentor game for the more thinking-oriented one. Both players should bring reading-comprehension and communication skills.

Hero and Mentor, both chosen by faith, have a unique connection that let’s them communicate even though they are in different universes. With both wondering what their role may be at the beginning, they learn that they must scale the tower to prevent the doom of the Multiverse, with the Mentor transcending to a higher being and the enlightened Hero becoming the Mentor for a new generation of Heros at the end of the game.


Spell It Out! v0.5.1.zip 122 MB

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